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1. Value Added services

Horuss clients find great value in the depth of outsourcing solutions and expertise that we offer. The benefits of our IT Managed services generate unmatched value and include:

Diversified Professional Technology Experience– horus merges a team of professionals whose experience spans system administration, network and security, telephony, applications, database administration, helpdesk and software development services. This blend of professionals from various disciplines guarantees optimal operation of our clients’ IT infrastructure.

Strict Operational Procedures– To uncover weaknesses and enhance the strong aspects of our clients’ infrastructure, we utilize strict operational protocols. Through the implementation of ISO 9001, ITIL, our clients reach up to 99.9% uptime.

Trusted Security Protocols– horus understands the sensitivity of allowing access to our clients’ IT infrastructure. We implement a high standard of security protocols to restrict access and protect our clients’ data from any possible attack.

Increased Organizational Flexibility– horus has the flexibility to adjust our capacity and respond to business needs that are essential to meeting our clients’ requirements. We can acclimate to the client’s specific demands, such as peak/seasonal/overnight times, according to business necessities.

Dependable Reliability– We perform extensive risk analysis and deployed measures to protect against risks including telecommunications outages (through multiple operators and routes), and technology failure through redundancy and hot standby.

All horus services backed by SLA.