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4- Network Management & Security Management

 3.1-Network Management

–Review business needs and establishing network Virtual design

–Configuration of routers and switches (including V-Lan’s & VPN’s) 

–Monitoring of logs and adjusting configuration

–Monitoring bandwidth and utilization

–Configuration of firewalls, VPN’s and virus protection (server and client) 

–Monitoring of logs and handling hack attempts 

3.2- Security Management

Security Architecture Design 

- We can assist clients in securing systems and keeping them secure without hindering the ability to do business by providing various secure technologies. 

Vulnerability Assessment 

- We provides services, which include a full risk assessment of a clients IT infrastructure to identify a number of potential risks. 

Security Policies and procedures 

- We can assist in designing, educating the client on, and implementing a security policy that protects against unauthorized exposure of a client’s information assets. 

VPN and Firewalls 

Remote access is evolving in many ways from high speed access solutions, many different VPN technologies for different operating systems and vendors, and a number of advancements in encryption and authentication technologies as well. iSourcing can leverage a clients infrastructure to provide for a remote workforce through those technologies