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Fusion Splice-on Connector (SOC)

Fusion splice-on connector (SOC) is optical fiber type quick connector, which used for splicing point inside the connector end,

equivalently eliminate the pigtails when splicing. The advantage is no need additional protection after splice, such as splice

tray, splice closure, distribution box. In contract to the design of mechanical splice connector, it save V-groove mechanical

connector maintenance and operation cost and durable, which overturns the concept that high cost of splice machine and do

not apply to FTTH construction.


Field-termination connector with no epoxy or polishing required

No matching gel enables low reflection and high reliability

Splicing point is inside of the connector. No additional splicing work required

Easily assembled with one-touch, push-pull system

Used for φ3.0mm,φ2.0mm cable and 3x2mm drop cable etc

The fusion splice position can be protected by the heat shrinkable tube inside, not easy broken

100% qualified, prolong use life, reduce the Maintenance cost

The operator can confirm if the splicing is successful by the monitor of fusion splicing machine, to make it have more stability