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FTTH Fiber Storage Box

We offer FTTH Fiber Storage box also called FTTH Fiber Reservation Box, which is a perfect solution for securely storing your

cable. It used for fiber optic cable reserved before the FTTH, and compact structure, light weight, mechanical structure design

in any operation. The longest fiber optic cable which this fiber storage box can accommodate is 20m. It is safe and convenient

it has strong practicability.


1. Using PC, Aluminum Alloy, Steel and SPCC material to extend the service life

2. The Fiber Storage Box can stock drop cable more than 20 meters.

3. The Optical Fiber Reserve Box is suitable for mechanical splicing of drop cable.

4. Box body and inner parts use strong and stable materials to ensure neither transformation nor sway of structure parts

caused after installation.

5. The optical fiber reserving tray inside of the Fiber Storage Box can be removed to ensure the convenient operation of drop

cable management.